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Royal College of Nursing
case study

The Client

As the world’s largest nursing union, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) represents close half a million nurses, midwives, and support workers in the UK and internationally.

By supporting its members with confidential advice, the RCN represents their professional interests and lobbies governments and other bodies across the UK, with the aim to improve policies and patient care.

The Challenge

A wave of industrial action meant that the RCN needed to create and update their IVR prompts on a continual and regular basis to keep their members informed. 

With the sheer number and speed of the updates required, the RCN needed an agile process or system that could be relied upon to respond to the demand. It is essential for them to share the latest information through their IVR, having the right prompts and messages communicated as they became available.

Key Requirements

  • Speed and agility of prompts and messages

  • Control of messaging 24hrs a day

  • Managing call volumes

  • High quality AI voices

"This year we started using the CX Hub... it meant we were able to keep our messages bang up to date with the latest information for our members. Goodness knows how many live contacts this saved us."

The Solution

The RCN needed a system to provide them with both the agility and control to change their prompts and messages as and when required. The Premier CX Hub answered that requirement, with its highly intuitive, easy to navigate platform.
The Hub can create prompts and messages in seconds, in the correct format, and be ready to deploy into any platform required. 

The Results

  • 24/7 audio delivery and support

  • Enabled vital information to be available immediately

  • Facilitates the RCN’s optimal and dynamic delivery to their members

  • On brand AI voices delivering clear and concise messaging


“Here at the RCN, we have been working with Premier CX for many years and have always found them to be very responsive and professional both in the production of our IVR prompts and with their helpful advice for our scripting. This year we started using the CX Hub. Having the ability to create and download our own voice prompts in an instant has been a game changer. 

Our advice is always dynamic but having this tool at our fingertips during the recent unprecedented industrial action, when information was literally changing by the hour and demand for our service skyrocketed, meant we were able to keep our messages bang up to date with the latest information for our members. Goodness knows how many live contacts this saved us. If only we’d have had this during the pandemic!

We’ve been blown away by how realistic the AI voice is and barely use a real voice anymore.”


Sally Ashman - Advice Contact Centre Manager (Operational)