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Riverside Housing
case study

The Client

Riverside is one of the UK’s leading social housing organisations, providing over 76,000 affordable and quality homes from Irvine to Kent.

Riverside are committed to delivering positive impact through innovation and partnership, and offer accessible support to their customers 24/7, 365 days a year.

The Challenge

Riverside recognised an opportunity to improve abandonment rates, customer engagement, and call back uptake. They approached us to help them find the most effective solution to achieve these goals, whilst also working to reduce caller frustration and decrease abandonment rates.

Key Requirements

  • Design a clear, concise and effective caller journey ensuring callers can reach the right areas of business first time, every time

  • Make sure anti-social behaviour (ASB), heating, and damp and mould calls are prioritised

  • Improve abandonment rates

  • Provide useful and relevant information throughout the caller journey

  • Promote and educate callers to the benefits of self-serve / digital deflection through online services, positively affecting future caller behaviour

  • Provide access to the CX Hub, allowing for 24/7 audio support

"Premier CX did an excellent job of delivering the project and supported us to create a tone of voice, and messaging style that’s engaging and really brings our brand values to life"

The Solution

To help Riverside achieve their critical objectives, we needed to build a clear picture of the existing customer experience, identify the areas causing Riverside’s challenges, and recognise opportunities for improvement.

Through various creative workshops, we put our understanding of the brand into practice, to create benefit led, engaging audio examples, an updated script style, new voices, and music that better represent the brand and the customer.

Our team developed new call flows for the entire telephony journey, focusing on ensuring calls regarding ASB, heating, and damp and mould were prioritised. Additionally, we created a series of emergency messages, designed a clear and concise call back flow - to be offered when wait times exceed 3 minutes – and developed a series of engaging and relevant queue experiences.

To ensure seamless implementation, we collaborated with Riverside’s CCaaS and telephony provider, 8x8, and provided access to the CX Hub for ongoing emergency messaging.

The Results

  • A 8.78% reduction in abandonment rates - approximately 5,785 calls

  • Average wait time reduced by 1m 30s

  • Customer service SLA compliance improved by 13%

  • Average wait time for calls regarding ASB, heating, damp and mould reduced to 31s

  • 99% of callbacks completed within 1 hour of request

“Premier CX were great to work with and did an excellent job of delivering the project, so that it remained both professional and fun. They’ve supported us to create a tone of voice, and messaging style that’s engaging and really brings our brand values to life.

We’re continuing to work with the Premier CX team as we further develop our organisation, including onboarding One Housing Group. As a 24/7 365 contact centre, we’re pleased to have access to their CX Hub which allows us to deploy messaging whenever we need it, helping us to successfully communicate with our customers at any time of day, or night”

Chris Nicholson, Contact Transformation Manager
Riverside Housing