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CX Hub

Speed and agility
Create messages in seconds using world class AI voices, handling emergency requests 24hrs a day.

Providing flexibility, control and reassurance...


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Why use CX Hub?

Our highly intuitive, easy to navigate platform creates prompts in seconds. Ideal for emergency recordings, to deploy immediately.

Providing world class AI voices from all the major AI voice engines through one simple portal.

Ready for your emergency, out of hours messages or a temporary stand in while you request your real voice recordings through your normal Audio Managed Service (AMS). 

Complete control at your fingertips.

While human voices are better, particularly for in-queue messaging, if you need speed, agility or emergency messaging, CX Hub is the perfect compliment to the superior expression of real voice.

“Using the CX Hub gives us the flexibility to order prompts 24/7 - they 
are ready in minutes, so this enables us to have professional recordings 
created at the moment we need them

Dawn Cronogue
Brakes, Director of Contact Centres

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AI Voices

Nuances of emphasis and tone can completely change a listener’s impression and experience.

While this is natural for voice artists, optimising the quality of AI voices is crucial to ensure that they are clear, natural, and easy to understand.

Within our CX Hub, we utilise cutting-edge software with advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning to generate high-quality, human-like speech in multiple languages.

"At the RCN, we have been working with Premier CX for many years and have always found them to be very responsive and professional both in the production of our IVR prompts and with their helpful advice for our scripting.

This year we started using the CX Hub. Having the ability to create and download our own voice prompts in an instant has been a game changer. Our advice is always dynamic but having this tool at our fingertips during the recent unprecedented industrial action, when information was literally changing by the hour and demand for our service skyrocketed, meant we were able to keep our messages bang up to date with the latest information for our members. Goodness knows how many live contacts this saved us. If only we’d have had this during the pandemic!

Sally Ashman,
Advice Contact Centre Manager (Operations), Royal College of Nursing